RD-Allen-Freeport-Jewelers-store-overviewR.D. Allen Freeport Jewelers specializes in tourmaline and other colored gem stones. We excel in providing a wide variety of traditional, classic and fashion forward pendant, earring, ring and other jewelry designs. We are privileged to work with some of the most outstanding goldsmiths in the region to provide you with full service jewelry repair and custom designs.

R.D. Allen Freeport Jewelers is proud to be associated with many longtime experts in mining and stone cutting like our friends  Mark Theriault, our in-house goldsmith, and many others. They continue to bring us crystals from Maine’s gem-rich, southwestern foothills – not only tourmaline, which come in an astonishing array of hues including bi-colors or watermelons, but other gems found in our state: amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, golden beryl,smoky quartz and morganite.

As Freeport has grown, so has R.D. Allen Freeport Jewelers, and we now possess one of the most extraordinary Maine tourmaline collections in the country. We  continue to acquire rare Maine (bi-color) watermelon slices.  It is getting more and more difficult as most of it is from the 1972 Dunton Mine discovery.   All the more reason that we are excited to showcase our extraordinary collection.   If you have been thinking about getting a Maine watermelon pendant or earrings, now is the time.

In addition to Maine gems we carry an array of other gemstones in fine jewelry: tanzanite, citrine, peridot, blue zircon, garnet, pearl, opal and sapphire.  We also carry Kit Heath, Nicole Barr, Anne Marie Chagnon, LeStage Convertibles (bracelets and charms), Zable charm beads featuring the Maine bead

R.D. Allen Freeport Jewelers is a full service jeweler, performing jewelry repairs and custom designing for rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and broaches on the premises.  We also work with award winning Maine gem cutters and designers.  We feature the work of over 20 Maine designers and artists. We carry “the Keepah” bracelet, New England Nauticals, as well as the very popular American Bead Collection.  More recently, we were delighted to be a part of the US launch of Dog Fever Hug Rings and jewelry. So, bring us your jewelry dreams and we’ll make them happen.    There is always something new and exciting to experience when you visit RD Allen Freeport Jewelers.

Testimonials from R.D. Allen Freeport Jewelers customer:

Last month, I left several pieces of gold and tourmaline stones for “repurposing” as Annette calls it. I left two rings, a bracelet, and three neck pendants. Annette took time to sit with me and we discussed how we would change each piece to add the stones. Well, Annette and her Goldsmith Lorene worked wonders! I have some fabulous “new” pieces of jewelry to take with me when I move to Hawaii. Thank you, Annette! Everything turned out stunning!

Teri Giordano VolleroHawaii

When driving into Freeport you’ll see all the usual suspects for an outlet center but tucked away on a side street is a wonderful local store that you won’t want to miss at least if you enjoy jewelry. That store is R.D. Allen Freeport Jewelers 13 Middle Street in Freeport. Just plug that into your GPS and park in one of their parking spaces out front of the store. Annette Evans, storeowner, is likely to greet you with an enthusiasm that is truly genuine. While she specializes in Maine Tourmaline, you’ll find lines and designs you won’t see at every other jewelry store. The store itself is completely different from the traditional layout of a jewelry store. Her cases are taller and at a slant so that you can see almost everything at eye level without bending over double to get a closer look. Prepare to be dazzled by color for that is what her store is about! I was equally impressed by her prices. There is a price point for all pocket books, which is so important these days. Whether you buy something or not you’ll be welcome to shop without pressure. That’s the Maine way and also Annette’s way!

C. DonahueNorth Caroline

Eighteen years ago my daughter’s Aunt starting giving my daughter a single pearl for each special occasion. Then my daughter’s Grandma started doing the same. A long story short, for my daughter’s graduation from Freeport High School I wanted to get the pearls strung on a special necklace. I visited several local jewelry stores and happened upon Annette at R.D. Allen. She was able to take the pearls and create a necklace so gorgeous that I couldn’t believe my eyes-and at a FRACTION of the cost of what other jewelers had quoted me. I presented that necklace to my daughter on her graduation day with all of our relatives present. Because many of those relatives had donated pearls to the necklace they were so touched to see the end result. Needless to say there were few dry eyes. Thanks you R. D. Allen and Annette for a most memorable event.

Patti B.Freeport

I received the bracelet today. It is beautiful. I want to thank you for your wonderful way with people. We feel comfortable shopping at your store and will return on our next visit to Freeport.

Patti S.Massachusetts

Best selection of Tourmaline I’ve seen.