50 Year Anniversary of the Dunton Mine Discovery

The book Maine Mining Adventures quoted Dale Sweatt saying that he “couldn’t believe that there was that much tourmaline in the world!” It was a spectacular find and one that would change their lives and ours too. It created opportunities for the gem lovers and designers in all of us to create. This unadulterated gem continues to provide inspiration to all who respect authenticity, to those who appreciate subtle and challenging-to-define color hues and to those who recognize that it is a limited supply. RD Allen has been known for its tourmaline for decades. RD Allen Freeport Jewelers has made it our mission to provide the largest, authentic and affordable selection of Maine tourmaline anywhere. We encourage you to join us for sales, special events and delight in our new creations by signing up for our emails. We invite you to add to your collection if you already own Maine tourmaline. If you do not already own your very own Maine tourmaline jewel, don’t delay, call us today to get yours.