A great time was had by all!

Thank you to the American Bead Collection folks, Bill and Pamela, for such a great Trunk Show.  Thank you to Stiletto Cupcakes for furnishing the luscious cupcakes!  And thank you to all of you that came from far and away to join in the fun with us!  It really was fun!  Who would have thought that “Dino Poop” could be so lovely!   Bill said he never cut anything so hard.  And the new bead released at our show is simply stunning.  It is the Copper Fire Brick, a Michigan Bead!  These extremely scarce   fire bricks come from Copper Country in Northern Michigan.  Between 1845 and 1890, this part of Michigan was a hub of natural copper mining, producing 95% of the nation’s copper.  As the copper was smelted, the firebricks in the ovens absorbed some of the mineral and these beads are made from the actual firebricks. So this bead not only captures the bedrock of the region but it is a piece of America’s history.  I absolutely love it!

Pictured here are the Fire Brick Beads of Michigan, an assortment of Maine and New England beads and  the Limited Edition RD Allen Freeport Jewelers Bead made of Freeport Fuschite .  The Freeport Bead is a great idea for any Freeport High School Grad this year!

Copper Fire 043DSC_1495.JPGconglomerate Am Bead collection     We will be planning another Trunk Show in the near future .  I really encourage you to make plans to be here.  Not only is it fun; it is really educational!  And the best part is, you leave with beautiful jewelry!